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CTN Bulgaria is a leading Bulgarian company specializing in accounting expertise, consulting, and reporting-related services for branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies. With our team’s expertise in Bulgarian accounting and tax regulations, combined with adherence to international management standards, we deliver high-quality services to our clients.

CTN Bulgaria assists in the successful activity’s development of the foreign companies already established in Bulgaria or interested in incorporating local subsidiaries. CTN Bulgaria provides on request advice and assistance to the foreign investors in accounting and tax matters, drafting and structuring of financial documents, registration with the respective authorities as well as in accounting organization and maintenance of the respective accounting books and ledgers.

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Company Registration

  • We use to work with leading English and French speaking law companies
  • All legal issues are reconciled with legal specialists

Accounting & tax filing

  • Provision of day-to-day-accounting
  • Tax compliance services – on a monthly and annual basis in conformity with the legislation in force, VAT, CIT and all tax related filings
  • Preparation and follow-up of VAT reimbursement control procedures
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual tax calculation and provisions
  • Cash Management

Payroll Services

  • Payroll calculation, social contributions and income tax calculation, personal net amounts transfer
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual basis reports and filings
  • Sick leaves processing and reimbursement process control

Administrative Services

  • Assistance within the administrative proceedings – submission of CIT & PIT returns; ongoing assistance in obtaining tax certificates
  • Drafting of reports according to the management and Group’s consolidation requirements and providing advice on accounting and tax matters
  • Preparing the annual financial statements in the French/English formats and in French/English languages and in conformity with the Group’s recognized methods
  • Representation with tax and social security administration
  • Assistance with bank financial and credit issues

We understand the customer needs and it is essential for us to remain flexible and adequate to them.

For all companies incorporated in Bulgaria as well as for all those that intend to do so, CTN Bulgaria offers a complete range of accounting services: day-to-day accounting, tax compliance services, preparation of statutory financial reports, including annual balance sheet, payroll services, calculation and payment of social security contributions.

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